10 June 2009

wielding a velvet hammer...

...lawrence o'donnell takes apart "conservatism" on teh mourning joke with joe and mika:

"sluggahjells" diary at dKos is here.

"Liberals ended slavery, liberals got woman the right to vote, liberals created Social Security, Medicaid and a minimum wage, they wrote the Civil Rights Act, , the Voting Rights Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, they have done all of those things in at every moment, for every one of those things in this country, what did conservatives do, they opposed every one of those things, including your right to vote (pointing at Mika)."

All Scarborough could do is look at the camera, and bring distortions of a narrative which O'Donnell thankfully corrected.

O'Donnell brings up the hypocrisy of Jim DeMint and Scarborough not calling what Bush did in 04 socialism despite jumping on the bandwagon .

Ronald Reagan, he hit hard. Social security distortions, he hit hard. The Republican balancing the budget myth in 95-97 because "they care", he hit hard as well.

This wasn't your usual screamfest when Scarborough usually gets served, because O'Donnell wouldn't play true to the stupid, facetious building up of him being crazy by that joke of the crew, cheerleaded by Mika of course.

now if the rest of the talking bobble heads could just find a dash of o'donnell's hutzpah mojo, we might be changing the course of the dialogue.

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