10 June 2009

the million can march (counter to the teabaggers)

h/t to the blogfather, 'grain, at mock, paper, scissors for bringing this worthwhile endeavor to the attention of his minions, "teh scissorheads".

while the wingnuts are having fun teabagging (clicking teh link is NSFW) on the 4th of july, the progressive blogodrome and our friends will actually be doing something positive to help those less fortunate.

let them have their little party and rant and rave about us dirty socialists all they want. i had rather be a catalyst for positive change than be seen as someone who's eternally grumpy and in need of a good, cleansing, deep colonic.

as noted at the blog site that came up with this idea (there's linkage to the right in the side bar to read all about the million can march), contributions at food banks are at an all-time low. just think how tough things are for YOU. if you're sitting in front of a computer, i'm going to take a giant leap and assume you're not a.) homeless or b.) forced to rely on the kindness of strangers to put food on the table.

think about the types of items that can do the most good...any nonperishable item: canned goods, powdered milk, baby formula/disposable diapers (i learned how critical these items were when i was doing hurricane katrina relief), dried beans. heck, go one further and help a family have an entire meal: a jar of sauce and a package of spaghetti (a great idea from the originator of this plan).

while we're doing good, the teabaggers will be having their little tea paraties all over the country. this is what's happening in dallas...at...get this...SOUTH FORK (i always knew those damn ewings were repoobliCONS).

from the dallas observer:
Because Nothing Screams, "Happy July 4th!" Like Michelle Malkin at Southfork Ranch

so, when you've finished your afternoon festivities, get thee down to your nearest food bank with a bag of vittles...heck, call ahead and ask if you can donate a couple of hours. it feels really good to help those who are down on their luck.


  1. hey there..enigma here.....if you need help with the graphic- go see Ricky shambles- he can help .....I love your graphic too....okay....back to canning.....


  2. btw saw in the thread at the unruly mob that you are new to this...so we will try to send some traffic your way....okay ?

  3. Thanks LDD - when we meet (and I'm certain we shall), I'm hoping that there will be some sweet tea involved, if not indeed a tea bag.



  4. Hey Dave, great write up! But if you and Enigma (and Tengrain) want a glass of real sweet tea, you need to come round here in northern ky. Or bourbon. Not sure which is the official state drink now that I think about it.

    Thanks for the plug. Let me know how many cans you and your readers collect.

  5. thanks for the invite, rev...careful what you wish for! in my corporate days, i was a marketing manager. lexmark (based in lexington) was one of my product lines. that meant we got to go to keeneland and sit in the "corporate box" twice a year.

    beautiful country.

    that said, i'm an unsweetened tea kinda guy (heresy, i know) and i never developed a taste for brown liquor (no matter how many times they tried to pour the maker's mark down my throat).

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