11 June 2009

marriage equality facebook group

if you have a facebook account, please click on the following link to join the "legalize same-sex marriage" group.


i will only refer to it as "same sex marriage" when i'm referring to a specific group (like this one). it's time to start framing this cause for what it is...not special rights, but equal rights. that's why i will use the less inflammatory (at least to some who find it easier to support "marriage equality" than something that sounds like we're asking for "special rights".

we have the upper hand in the facebook world. the anti-marriage equality group has 277K members and has raised $3000.00.

the marriage equality group has 336,000 members and raised almost $8,500.00. funds raised through this group will go to the Human Rights Campaign Fund. depending on who you talk to, HRC is either the best thing to ever happen to the glbt community or a real detriment. i think they tend to take a very elitist/exclusionist stance. it's been reported that the HRC met with senior staff in the O administration and told them to "not worry about dadt". sorry, that just sends the wrong message.

if you have an issue with the recipient of the donations (as i do), doesn't necessarily preclude you from joining the group.

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