05 June 2009

friday music gems...UPDATE*

*darn it! why one should always preview posts...i duplicated the embed html for leann rimes and didn't get "cheater cheater" embedded properly. fixed now. to make it up to joey+rory, here's a linky to their site: http://www.joeyandrory.com/

(their version of "free bird" is not to be missed...yeah, that "free bird", as you've never heard it.)

ok, i admit it. i like country music. alot.

we'll start with leann rimes. one of the most amazing "instruments". it's just a shame that she's allowed others to derail her career.

amazing grace:

...and now for the diametric opposite of "amazing grace"...this is joey+rory (a husband/wife duo...i think he's "teh hawt"...and a great song writer).

cheater cheater (yes, it actually got significant radio play...even with the line "where'd you meet that white trash ho"):

...and what fun would country music be without a song about alcoholism and suicide? i've loved allison kraus since she was unknown outside the bluegrass world and brad paisley is one of the most incredible guitarists, regardless of genre.

whisky lullabye:


  1. She does have a voice, LDD. Too bad about the country part.

    Ooh, Donnie and Marie (I'll be a little bit... oh, never mind).

  2. well, 'grain, if nothing else...i'm diverse.