30 June 2009

my gay big toe...

wtf? no, srsly, wtf?

OK state rep, sally kern, poster child for bigotry.

a "bigger threat than islam"?

a "bigger threat than terrorism"?

srsly, ms. kern, if i knew i was wielding that much power i would have already taken over the universe!

and while i'm being "teh gay", may i suggest that liver is not a good lip color for you and you really should consider more than a $9 haircut at sports clips.

now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go cut off my big toe before it takes over my entire body.


  1. Sally Kern is soo last years bigot posterchild! after Ellen roasted her on air... she's made more asinine comments since these ones!

  2. good point, anon.

    i heard this clip before i started blogging and just ran across it again.

    jess. boggles. teh. brain.

    teh stoopit! IT BURNNNNZZZZZ

  3. Well, I do get my hair cut at Great Clips, but it costs $17, including tip. Even so, I'm hotter than hell.

    Sally, on the other hand, will remain ugly until the end of all time, unless she changes her attitude and grows some brain cells. There's no fix for this kind of ugly. :-(

  4. LOL, Penny...no offense intended!

    hey, i use the horse clippers. no more hair than i have left on my head, it's not worth paying to have it "done".