13 June 2009

congratulations, "fierce advocate"...

...you're on pace to live up to the last 4 years of the shrub regime's numbers of service members discharged under dadt on your watch.

graph is from Servicemembers Legal Defence Network:

for more appaling information, visit the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

let's do some simple math, shall we? "fierce advocate" was inaugurated on 20 january 2009. so, he's been president for 143 days (not counting inauguration day or today).

in those 143 days, "fierce advocate" O has been responsible for the destruction of 247 military careers...that's 1.727273 discharges under dadt PER DAY under O's "command". multiply that number by 365 and you, "fierce advocate", will be responsible for a total of 630.4545 careers destroyed in your first year in office.

congratulations! you're actually on pace to outdo shrub in the last 2 years we have these numbers for (2006/2007).

thank you so much for being our "fierce advocate". we *heart* you, we really, really *heart* you.

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