16 June 2009

congratulations, democratic party leadership...

you're to be commended for losing control of the blue dogs.

from thehill.com:

Members of the centrist GOP “Tuesday Group,” the New Democrat Coalition and the 52-member Blue Dog Coalition have been discussing both the policies and politics of moving their middle-of-the-road ideas in a body of Congress usually dominated by liberal or conservative ideology.

Those centrist factions are wary of the proposals their respective leaders will introduce this month. Blue Dogs are leery of the so-called public option in the healthcare reform bill that is expected to hit the House floor this summer. Meanwhile, GOP centrists opted to release their own healthcare plan a day before House GOP leaders are scheduled to unveil their reform package.

this could actually be a good thing for true progressives. if all political stripes are divided 3-ways, it makes for a viable 3rd party. republicans hang on to their party/ideology, centrist democrats get the democratic party (because they're responsible for the state it is in today) and a 3rd party, the progressive party is born.

think about it. 70% of americans support the repeal of dadt. those aren't republicans and there aren't a lot of blue dogs in there.

jumpin' jeebus in birkenstocks sucking on a bong, we're becoming a progressive nation.

i'm so glad i'll have extra cash during campaign season...not to donate, it'll be the savings of holding on to my hard earned cash.

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