04 June 2009

our "fierce advocate" or...

...is it "torture" when brian williams asks "the question"?

that's just painful to watch...watching him stammer to try to give an answer that won't offend anyone and still continue to posture as the "fierce advocate". so the federal gov't shouldn't be in the "marriage business"? well F*** YOU VERY MUCH, O'.

i guess it WAS the federal government's business when the constitution was amended to allow your parents to marry.

unless and until it becomes a "federal" issue, glbt folks will never have the 1100+ "rights" guaranteed by CIVIL marriage. as someone in a committed monogamous relationship for 15 years, it infuriates me that brittany spears' drive-through 72-hour "marriage" is MORE MEANINGFUL TO OUR GOVERNMENT than my commitment to my partner.

i'm incredibly saddened that my fellow glbt brothers and sisters continue to proclaim all the great strides we're making because 6 states now recognize their marriages. great. that and a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee at starbucks.

WAKE UP!!! we have to realize that our "marriages" aren't worth the piece of paper they're documented on if we are not given all the rights and responsibilities (at the federal level) that civil marriage bestows.

no, i will not be quiet. no, i will not give him a pass.

no, i don't accept that he has "too much on his plate" to use glbt people for anything more than a cash register and the butt of jokes (remember, he and axelrod went to iowa to make it "official").

no, i don't believe he has anything more important to do right now than make sure that ALL citizens have EQUAL RIGHTS.

like i keep saying, O has until the end of june to do the right thing. that's the deadline for the gov't to decide if they are going to uphold DOMA in its present form against a legal challenge from GLAD. if the federal government shouldn't be in the "marriage business", then how can he ask AG holder to defend a law before the supreme court that is clearly unconstitutional?

thanks, "fierce advocate".

THIS IS NOT THE CHANGE I CAMPAIGNED FOR, DONATED TO (although it's difficult to pay the bills each month and keep groceries on the table), OR VOTED FOR.


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