16 June 2009

praise from racial relic pat buchanan...

...it's time to start paying attention to the people that elected you*

Buchanan writes: "Obama, with his outstretched hand, his message to Iran on its national day, his admission that the United States had a hand in the 1953 coup in Tehran, his assurances that we recognize Iran's right to nuclear power, succeeded. He stripped the Ayatollah and Ahmadinejad of their clinching argument -- that America is out to destroy Iran and they are indispensable to Iran's defense."

but wait! it gets better! bill kristol shows fierce advocate some luv (albeit tepid, but it's not the usual scathing cattiness from billy boy)
Bill Kristol urged Republicans to follow a cautious path where criticizing President Obama, saying it would be "a mistake" to hope he fails right now.
*just a little suggestion from an almost-lost-cause-support-fence-sitter, "fierce advocate".

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