19 November 2009

O', SRSLY?!?11!! dana peroxide perino?

for frack's sake. this is like giving a puppy a treat for pissing on the carpet AND chewing up a new pair of jimmy choo shoes.

Since leaving office, Perino has attacked the Obama administration for calling out Fox News and for its handling of the swine flu epidemic, among other things.

article here.

at this rate, i'll be first in line for SOS when (s)hillary resigns to run for governor of NY!

18 November 2009

Why DOMA must be repealed:

thanks a lot to "fierce advocate's" doj.

In its written response to the lawsuit, filed in September, the Justice Department argued that there is no fundamental right to marriage-based federal benefits and says Congress is entitled to address issues of social reform on an "incremental" basis. "

Congress is therefore permitted to provide benefits only to those who have historically been permitted to marry, without extending the same benefit to those only recently permitted to do so," the government said.

full article here