18 June 2009

UPDATED: oh, miss lindsaygurrrrrrrrrl, shirley you jest!

from a salon.com article on sen. ensigns "indiscretion" (ED: what a "promise keeper")

emphasis added:

“I think he will be welcomed back by his colleagues and go back to being a good senator,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who said Ensign shouldn’t have resigned his leadership spot.

Graham downplayed the political impact this would have on the GOP, saying, “Most Americans look at this as a personal situation.”

Graham let out a laugh and said: “I’ve got plenty of sins that I’m not going to share with anyone else.'

note to lindsaygurrrrrrrrrl: honey, you can put away the kneepads. your "secret sin" is really getting very threadbare.

UPDATE: my fellow activist blogger, john aravosis of americaBLOG weighed in on this article with the closing comment:

Really, Ms. Lindsey? Is that because they wouldn't let you back into the US military if you did share?

to paraphrase the bard, hell hath no fury boyfriends and girlfriends...hell hath no fury...

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