18 June 2009

Lorenzo Sadun for SBOE-District 10

i have known lorenzo for several years. he is a good democrat but even more important, he is a good educator and father. he deserves our support for this position.

good luck, lorenzo, you've got support in "the hinterlands".

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here's the announcement of his candidacy:

AUSTIN, June 18 – Lorenzo Sadun declared his candidacy today for the State Board of Education (SBOE) in District 10, a seat currently held by Cynthia Dunbar. A scientist and award-winning educator with 28 years of teaching experience, Dr. Sadun has closely watched the SBOE and has testified before the Board on several occasions.

Dr. Sadun has been a math professor at the University of Texas since 1991. In that time, he has watched the math and science skills of incoming students steadily decline. “Our kids deserve a first-rate K-12 education, but in too many cases they’re not getting it,” he remarked. “We need real science in the schools, not religious doctrine dressed up in the language of science.”

“Right now, the State Board of Education is dysfunctional,” said Sadun. “Instead of working to improve public education in Texas, the controling bloc of social conservatives is intent on fighting the culture wars. Instead of appointing qualified experts to guide them, they are appointing ideologues. Instead of listening to teachers and scientific experts, they listen to pressure groups. This has to stop.”

The incumbent, Cynthia Dunbar, does not even pretend to support public education. In her book, “One Nation Under God”, she writes that public education is “clearly tyrranical” (page 103) and “a subtly deceptive tool of perversion” (page 100). Her own children are home schooled.

Dr. Sadun is married with three children, all of whom attend public school. He is an active participant in Congregation Kol Halev of Austin, has served two terms as president, and strongly believes in the separation of church and state. “Religion plays an important role in my life, and in the lives of most Americans, but that’s private. We don’t impose our religious views on people who believe differently.”

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