08 June 2009

it's official...

i no longer recognize my party.

our platform has become a joke when examined under the microscope of reality.

this is really a sad thing for me. countless hours of volunteering, raising money, supporting candidates, doing gotv work, block walking...and for what?

from ap:

WASHINGTON — Senior House Democrats drafting health care legislation are considering slapping an unspecified financial penalty on anyone who refuses to purchase affordable health insurance, a key committee chairman said Monday.

who defines "affordable"? my partner and i live on disability and retirement income. we have significant financial responsibilities that were incurred prior to disability/retirement. will those be taken into consideration? if any other "social programs'" requirements are taken into account, the answer is NO.

fyi ~ in order to qualify for HIV/AIDS assistance under the "ryan white act", it is a requirement to disclose a partner's income. yeah, you'll know how much i make when i can enter into a civil marriage, receive the same benefits as heterosexual married couples and file a joint tax return.

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