08 June 2009

hey, O, now you're on the verge...

...of being to the right of repoobliCONS.

if O doesn't "do the right thing" by the end of june re: doma, he'll be receiving pink monopoly money from this past contributor. in fact, i'm hoping to make the pink monopoly money idea go viral. can ya' help a brother out?

(emphasis added to magnify our "fierce advocate's" lack of spine)

A new Gallup poll shows that 69 percent of Americans are now in favor of openly gay men and women serving in the military, up from 63 percent five years ago. Support among liberals and Democrats remains high -- around 86 percent and 83 percent respectively -- but the biggest shift in support occurred among conservatives and Republicans. Fifty-eight percent of people who identify as conservatives say they support gays serving in the military, up from 12 points from 46% in 2004. Fifty-eight percent of Republicans support what is essentially a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

ok, O, it's no longer a political hot potato to support "teh gays"...you can come out of your closet now. try it, sir, it's a very liberating experience.

h/t HuffPost


  1. You should put the pressure on the Human Rights Campaign. They are the ones that took it off the table. But I bet he and Rahm didn't lose any sleep over it.



  2. the HRC has become one of the most lame organizations in "our" world. i wouldn't waste my time on 'em.

    ...and to think they a.) have the "audacity" (of hype) to think they speak for the entire GLBT-community and b.) "fierce advocate" and his insular bubble have bought into that myth.