24 January 2010

why "fierce advocate's" newfound populism is nothing more than hollow rhetoric...

(emphasis added)

WASHINGTON — White House officials and Senate leaders predicted on Sunday that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be confirmed for a second term.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said a new four-year term for the central bank head is needed to ensure stability in the financial system. Lawmakers would send a bad message to financial markets by "playing politics in any way" with Bernanke's nomination, Gibbs said.

hey GIBBS, POTUS... pull your heads out of your A$$ES and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE. sending a "bad message to financial markets" sends an even WORSE message to the AMERICAN PEOPLE (you know, us little folks that actually VOTE?)!!!

right. being "confident" that the EPIC FAIL that is ben bernanke should continue to head the fed is POPULISM OVER CORPORATE INTEREST, EXACTLY HOW, Mr. PRESIDENT?

yet another example of 48-hours of "damage control" being thrown out the window like the baby with the bath water.



(now THAT would be CHANGE i could BELIEVE.)

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