21 January 2010

note to O: dude, sorry but you're a day late and a dollar short.

read the whole steaming pile of hypocrisy HERE:
(emphasis added)

In a sharp turnaround, the administration on Thursday announced a new proposal to place limits on the size of banks and prohibitions on their commercial activities. It's an idea that one senior White House official said President Obama began considering "a couple of months ago." But the timing of the rollout, coming one day after what the White acknowledged was a "wake up call" wasn't a coincidence.

The reality of angry voters turning against them, as embodied by the election of Republic Scott Brown to the Senate seat in Massachusetts, is having a profound effect on Democratic leaders. Officials now recognize that the party appears far too aligned with financial industry bailouts and special-interest dealmaking, and that if the electoral bloodletting is to end, more distance is needed from Wall Street.


  1. Oy! such a mess. How Harry Reid was allowed to gain Senate Leadership is beyond me. His cluelessness will be the death of all of our political agendas. I blame him more than Obama, I guess he has retained this position with Obama's blessing but jeesh. A full year of control and what to show for it? Not too much.

    It is a royal pain-in-the-aarse to try to post comments here! just sayin!

  2. LOL...terry...it's pretty easy to comment in "blogger" blogs once you get used to it...half the battle is using your google account to comment (since blogger's powered by teh google).

    i read today that "fierce advocate" is going to go to nevada to campaign for reid. hope it's as effective as his trip to stump for coakley.