16 January 2010

so terribly sad...those poor prop h8 folks are afraid of "teh mean gayz"

give me a MF'ing break, people. FEAR is never knowing if someone will accept you. FEAR is being confronted by a gang of angry homophobes with baseball bats. FEAR is trying to decide the best way to commit suicide because your family has rejected you. FEAR is being a homeless teenager that has to sell his/her body for food because their parents no longer love them.

FEAR is NOT being concerned that your bigotry and hatred is going to be exposed for the world to see in a court of law.

this is the best place to follow the daily developments of the prop h8 case: http://prop8trialtracker.com/

this is what prompted the above rant:
(emphasis added)

Yesterday, during the cross examination of plaintiff’s expert Michael Lamb, defense attorney David Thompson had Lamb comment on studies by two “experts” that the plaintiff had planned to call during the trial. It seems now that the two “experts” were, according to Prop 8 counsel Andy Pugno, “fearful of retribution” if they were to testify. Apparently the mere suggestion that their evidence would be videotaped shocked them into submission. Nothing like confidence in your own work, for you there. Anyway, that’s Pugno’s story anyway. The real story, as is so often the case with Pugno, is actually far different.

“The experts they withdrew were ones that [gave deposition statements] that simply disagree with their thesis,” said Boies. He said plaintiffs would introduce evidence later to show that the defense’s own experts have “admitted that they did not have a basis for believing that same-sex marriages would harm heterosexual marriages and no reason for depriving gay and lesbian couples marriage [and doing so is] depriving gay and lesbian couples harm. They admit that,” said Boies, “and it guts the case of defendants.”(Keen News Service 1/15/2010)

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