06 January 2010

ummm, SET to break that promise???

hypocrisy emphasized below:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs raised eyebrows in the briefing room on Tuesday when he said that the president does not regret his campaign pledge to allow health care negotiations to be televised -- even as the administration is set to break that promise.

Gibbs told reporters on Tuesday that he had "not seen" (and therefore wouldn't comment on) a letter from CSPAN's CEO Brian Lamb asking congressional leaders to "open all important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings, to electronic media coverage."

"SET to break that promise"??? srsly, WTF. do gibbs and fierce advocate think the entire american populace is retarded?!?

i wanted to see the BACK DOOR DEAL MAKING between the WH (obama) and the drug lobby...ON C-SPAN

i wanted to see the PUBLIC OPTION ARM TWISTING between the WH and progressives...ON C-SPAN

i wanted to see the GANG OF SIX HEALTH CARE MASTURBATION-FEST (oh, they called it "negotiations"...my bad)...ON C-SPAN

ok, that's just the tip of the iceberg of what I WANTED TO SEE...ON C-SPAN.

i have absolutely ZERO confidence that fierce advocate will live up to YET ANOTHER campaign promise.

full, rage inducing, article can be found HERE.



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