23 January 2010

three things "O" could do to regain some credibility:

1.) speak out forcefully re: US justice dept. appealing the dismissal of the blackwater case

2.) the day after your SOTU address, introduce a firm plan with time lines to undo the corporatization of democracy by the activist supremes.

3.) express a lack of confidence in geithner and announce your support for krugman to take over at the fed.

of course, i would like to see something happen on glbt civil rights issues, but i don't even dare to presume that any of our issues will be seriously considered in the "rebranding of a president" that will take place leading up to and in the days after the SOTU address. since i'm accepting that's not going to happen, these are things i would like to see REAL ACTION (not just rhetoric) in the next 90-days.

an unabashed liberal can hope, can't he? what 3 things would you choose?

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