10 July 2009

"say it ain't so, pete...also...you betcha"

photo via ap: 'cuz i just can't get enough of crazy-eyed sarah.

from an article in TheHill.com:
(emphasis added for snarkalicious goodness)

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R), who is running to become Michigan’s governor in 2010, said he needs a better explanation of why Palin suddenly quit her job before he’d want her campaigning with him in Michigan.

“I’ve thought about it but I don’t have an answer,” Hoekstra said. Before making a call on a Palin visit, he said, “I need a better understanding of why she quit. Why quit with a year and a half to go?”

chortle, snort. yeah, that "better understanding" might come in handy if you get elected and then crash and burn! bwahahahahahahahaha.

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