17 July 2009

color me freaking surprised.

"fierce advocate" is just another spineless politician unwilling to take on pharma, health insurance companies and their minions of lobbyists (despite LYING TO US to get elected).

from the wall street journal:
(outraged emphasis added)

WASHINGTON -- The pharmaceuticals industry, which President Barack Obama promised to "take on" during his campaign, is winning most of what it wants in the health-care overhaul.

The final contours of the legislation are far from settled, but the industry, led by a onetime powerful congressman, has notched a string of victories.

Legislation expected soon in the powerful Senate Finance Committee will leave out cost-cutting steps as part of an agreement with the industry and the White House, according to Congressional aides, industry lobbyists and others involved in the talks.

The missing items include two planks of Mr. Obama's campaign platform: allowing cheaper drugs to be imported from Canada and giving the federal government the right to negotiate Medicare drug prices directly with pharmaceutical companies.

way to go, O, you really showed 'em but good, din'cha?

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