20 July 2009

carolyn maloney needs a sheet and hood

from HERE. emphasis added:
There is Carolyn Maloney, ripping into Kirsten Gillibrand broad and hard for voting against the two stimulus bills and for changing her positions on several core Democratic issues, sounding out her case on the fly as, “It’s the NRA, it’s immigration, it’s all these other things. In fact, I got a call from someone from Puerto Rico, said [Gillibrand] went to Puerto Rico and came out for English-only [education]. And he said, ‘It was like saying n—r to a Puerto Rican,’” she said, using the full racial slur. “I don’t know—I don’t know if that’s true or not. I just called. I’m just throwing that out. All of her—well, what does she stand for?
how very "white" of you maloney (and, no, i will not refer to you as "representative", "Ms." or "Ma'am" because you aren't worthy of a prefix other than "bigot"...well, maybe "cracker").

srsly, WTF? "i don't know if it's true or not" ('but i'll just pour that gasoline right onto the fire', she did not add).

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