11 July 2009

Patrick Murphy: Proud Patriot, Congressman, Fierce Advocate

...and now he's leading the charge!

...brilliant on rachel maddow's show.

rep. murphy is the type of straight-but-not-narrow advocate we need working to advance glbt rights (particularly dadt) inside the beltway.


  1. Years ago I saw a political cartoon that showed a sea of grave markers in a military cemetery, with the caption, "10% of these people were gay". It still gives me chills. I can't believe, in the year 2009, when we desperately need every good person who is willing to sign up for the armed forces, that DADT is even being discussed. Kill it. Now.

  2. so true, penny...

    even more upsetting is that our "fierce advocate" in the whitehouse can't be bothered to make any more bold a statement than it should be "changed" and that it's "congress' job" to do so.