18 August 2009

where were they during the shrub regime?

these are the same men that buy sports cars because they're inadequate (ahem) in other areas.

if they're so enamored with guns, why don't they go down to the local recruiting office and join the service. THAT, my friends, takes courage and patriotism. showing up at a political event with a fire arm...just because you can...not so much.

it bears repeating: why weren't these people promoting their 2nd amendment rights by engaging in this activity under the shrub regime? silly me, that really is a rhetorical question with an obvious answer.

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  1. Dem Dave, I think I have an answer to your question. It is called LPS "Little ... Syndro - sorry, kinda forgot that this is a family show :). Very truthfully it is the same reason why some people own flesh eating dogs and huge trucks with loud pipes. They are clearly lacking in some area and need to compensate. Your comment is dead on about joining the service. The people that start wars do not actually fight the wars they start. As you said - that takes courage and patriotism.
    Dem Dave there is a frightening amount of hate coming from unintelligent people... that is a bad combination. These are fascists calling liberals Fascists. Not that anyone cares about the accuracy of labels, however it only confirms the intelligence level of the name callers... the extreme right of the political spectrum is Fascism (that's not name calling - that's fact) and the extreme left is Communism... why can't they even get the name calling straight!!?
    We need more funding for education!