14 August 2009

popcorn, part II

OMFG! i *heart* lawrence o'donnel!!!

poor, poor pitiful teabaggeress. i expected her to eventually blurt out, "but, but, but BILL CLINTON!!!"


  1. Sweet Jeebus! He's good!



  2. Someone get this man his own show!! He is rabid. I'm not sure if he can get any interviews from the right after this (and the Culberson interview/bludgeoning). Now all we need is for the Dems in congress to grow a pair 1/2 this size and pass what we elected them to do! BTW he went very easy on this lady... I know he was licking his chops and holding back. Handled perfectly without making her cry.

  3. AMEN, South Paw! O'Donnell saved the real "ammo" for the follow up with Culberson...which was the appropriate way to deal with HAMMERING the issue.

    that poor woman was like a deer in the headlights and it was painfully obvious that there was no personal conviction to her spouting of talking points.

    in fact, i bet she regretted even standing up to ask a question the following morning.