15 August 2009

poor focus on the family...

...profits down by $6Million so they're going to abandon their "xristian duty" to pray away teh gay.

Focus on the Family, James Dobson’s anti-LGBT empire and the largest organization in the religious right, announced earlier this week that it would be selling off its ex-gay therapy program called “Love Won Out.” The organization says it’s part of an effort to downsize in the wake of record profit losses of nearly $6 million. The news comes days after the nation’s largest psychological organization released a report condemning ex-gay therapies.

whatever it takes...just go away dobson! you give honest people of faith a really bad name.


  1. Focus on the Family does not focus on the family. As far as I am concerned it is an organized hate group and is no different than the Klan. It is not surprising that they are financially floundering - when people start losing their jobs they have to worry about legitimate issues instead of supporting nonsense hate groups like Dobson's Focus on the Family! I am glad to see this drying up. Very much deserved! (exhale - whew!)
    I want healthcare passed!!

  2. you know, south paw, folks on the right can be so vapid. i got an e-mail from a VERY conservative "friend" that was a forward of some BS meme coming from focus on the family.

    when i finished blasting the friend for sending me that kind of drivel (which she did until recently...won't happen again bc i've blocked her e-mail address)...her response was "well, how should i know what they really stand for! i just thought because their name was 'focus on the family' that they were doing GOOD WORK.


  3. So much of the email world is right wing crap (lies). Very sad that people don't have a clue what they forward on to others. Everyone assumes that you subscribe to the same political garbage theories that they do. The right does have audacity... they will talk hateful politics to a complete stranger and assume that you share the same twisted logic that allows them to stumble through life. They are fearless - I wish more Dems were like that. Good for you!! For anyone to unknowingly support a hate group like Focus is a disgrace to themselves. There are plenty of people who knowingly support Focus... and that is truly a disgrace and a mockery of Christianity.

  4. even more audacious, SP, is that this same "conservative" friend can't believe my "politics" because i also self-identify as a Christian. i have simply told her that my faith is aligned with Jesus' teachings, not Pat Robertson & his ilk's ideology.

    Needless to say, she was deeply offended.