30 May 2009

only if the first port of call is the hague:

via the washington post:

ooh, what fun! all aboard for a sea cruise with war criminals and enablers! damitol, the cruise only goes to the mediterranean and adriatic...

any chances of a port-of-call in spain?!?

You'll be able to commiserate with and enjoy the grand company of luminaries from the conservative National Review -- Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Kathryn Lopez, Kate O'Beirne and others.

my luck, i would be seated for the duration of the cruise at K-Lo's table. how many days, i wonder, before i would jump overboard?!?

Some of the guest speakers include Karl ("Permanent Majority") Rove, author Michael Novak, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton and ace political analyst Dick Morris, who appears fully recovered from that toe-sucking incident. Also on board will be columnists Tony Blankley, Cal Thomas and George Gilder.

at this point, if i haven't already jumped overboard, i'll be looking for hot sticks to jab in my ears.

The cruise is conservatively priced as these things go, with 185-square-foot cabins for $5,000 a couple ($6,000 if you want a window, which you do). But the fiscally prudent will have to chance a waiting list for those rooms. The pricey suites, up to $14,000 per couple for one with a veranda, are still available. In times past, the plush accommodations went first. Must be the economy.

OMFG! "conservatively priced"! isn't that just teh cuteness?!?

methinks i'll bring teh husbear (tm) along for that $14K price tag.

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