22 May 2009

OK, i lied...

i will continue to flog this dead horse until dadt is repealed.

compare and contrast:



(i've added emphasis to show the utter hypocrisy)

from americablog 5.19.09:

The Pentagon's official f-you to their commander in chief has begun.
"I do not believe there are any plans under way in this building for some expected, but not articulated, anticipation that 'don't ask-don't tell' will be repealed," [Pentagon spokesman Geoff] Morrell told reporters at the Pentagon.
And Mr. Morrell is a Republican holdover from the last administration. Surprise.

from the huffington post 5.22.09:

White House Press Secretary indicated in Thursday afternoon's briefing that the White House is in the midst of "active" negotiations with the Pentagon to repeal "don't ask, don't tell."

Just two days ago, a Pentagon spokesperson said that there were no plans to repeal the policy, which President Obama promised to abolish during his campaign.

what a difference 100+ days make...

so which will it be fellas? this is starting to smell like 3-day old fish.

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