22 May 2009

Must See TeeVee

i received an e-mail alert from progressive democrats of america today. it says, in part:

Healthcare NOT Warfare Co-chair Donna Smith
to appear on Bill Moyers Journal

Watch Bill Moyers Journal this Friday, May 22, at 9 p.m. EDT on PBS
(check local listings)

Bill Moyers speaks with PDA Heathcare NOT Warfare co-chair Donna Smith about how our broken system is hurting ordinary Americans. Then, policy analysts and physicians Sidney Wolfe of Public Citizen and David Himmelstein of Physicians for a National Health Program join Bill Moyers for a frank discussion about the political and logistical feasibility of a single-payer system amidst the troubled economy and a government dominated by lobbyists.

perhaps with the return of senator kennedy after the recess, a single payer option will be back on the table.

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