22 July 2010

the best laid plans of mice & men...or...

...i promise to try to be better at this blogging thingy.

my last post was on 5/19...on 5/22 my partner, jan, had a massive heart attack and spent 12 days in ICU. a week later, he developed sepsis and spent another 3 days in icu (sepsis quickly resolved but IV antibiotics for bacteremia necessitated a full-week's stay)... *sigh*

as a result, the last couple of months have been a bit, shall we say, florence nightengallian (ok, if caribou barbie can make up words, so can i).

through it all, i've been trying to maintain my sanity by not neglecting my OCD facebook tendencies, which is where a lot of stuff that *should* have ended up here wound up...SO, thanks to teh googlez teh awesome "share" button, i'm gonna try to start filling up the dump with the stuff that i find compelling enough to click on and read every day.

y'all LOVE each other. that's not a request.


  1. Awwwwwww, crap. You poor boys.

    I wish I was there with chicken soup or something.

    Much love your way,


  2. thanks, grain..."calgon take me away".