03 September 2009

hello? is any body listening?

...he can but will he? i guess we'll find out next week.

full article (a must read) is here:

Here's one thing he could say: I'm not going to chase after the crazies on the right anymore. I cannot do business with these people, try as I may. I reach out and they accuse me of being a socialist who wants to pull the plug on grandma.

i'm ready for PRESIDENT obama to start delivering CANDIDATE obama's promises.


  1. DemDave, I am ready for the fierce advocate to grow a spine!! It may be that we won't have the House and Senate again for 20 years. I heard today that 90% of Americans that have government run healthcare have a very favorable opinion of it (i.e. Medicare and Veterans). Those are numbers that anyone would love to have on your side for a re-elect in 2012. I absolutely don't get it. What is he doing. Does Obama think he will get Republican votes in 2012 if he passes a bipartisan bill - or if he passes nothing? Dems in Congress won't get red votes in 2010 no matter what they do either. He needs to become an "angry black man" on Wednesday evening. I personally don't think it is "reform" if the insurance companies get 47 million new policies on their books after a bill is passed. That's like feeding your dog chicken after he just tore into your chicken coupe!

  2. you're preachin' to the choir, brother paw!

    all i can say is thank goodness for the congressional progressive caucus who are on record saying they will NOT vote for ANY reform that doesn't have a "robust public option". even nancy pelosi seems to have gotten their message.