01 September 2009

good news...all from DavidMixner.com

...first, sorry to have been away for a couple of days. personal life has been, well, unmanageable at best and downright hellish at worst.

now for the good news:

-Didn't you just love the fact that during the funeral Mass of Senator Edward Kennedy part of the official religious rite included the words gay and straight? Right there in the Cathedral with the Cardinal reigning in his robes, Senator Kennedy, even in death, did not forget the LGBT community.

we've lost a champion for equality. Godspeed, Senator Kennedy...and TAKE THAT vatican city!

-In another historic first, Mayor Denise Simmons of Cambridge, Massachusetts (photograph) will marry her lesbian partner in an African-American church. Bravo to the Mayor and her partner and wishing them much happiness.

mad props to the AME church in mass! as one who attends a predominately AA Church, this is very encouraging!

-Famed political commentator Charlie Cook says that there are seven toss-up states in the 2010 United States Senate Races. The seven are Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Connecticut and New Hampshire. In addition Pennsylvania, California and Colorado are only 'leaning Democratic' which could spell a tough year for the Dems!

as a proud, LIBERAL texan, this is prolly the best news i've read in AGES! we're definitely moving towards the political promised land...about time, since i'm so OVER wandering in the desert!!!

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