08 March 2010

glenn beck makes Jesus weep.

"I'm begging you, your right to religion and freedom to exercise religion and read all of the passages of the Bible as you want to read them and as your church wants to preach them . . . are going to come under the ropes in the next year. If it lasts that long it will be the next year. I beg you, look for the words 'social justice' or 'economic justice' on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. Now, am I advising people to leave their church? Yes!"
full outrage HERE.

seriously, glenn, that's like saying "if your church web site says 'JESUS', or 'Christian principals', run!"

NOTE: all that "social justice" stuff he's railing about? READ THE BEATITUDES.

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